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We provide best in class mitigation/restoration services to our customers by creating efficient, safe work environments. 

Most importantly, we employ dedicated, hardworking, and creative individuals.  The key to our success is our people.


Contact our Human Resources Dept. for more information


Work Life Balance – We believe in Work Life Balance; we do our best to make sure our employees have a work life balance so that they can continue to grow and thrive.

Empowerment – one of the many benefits of being a small privately owned organization is that we choose to Empower our employees to do their jobs to their upmost ability.  In other words, we are not standing over your shoulder micromanaging you, we offer you the flexibility to do the job the way you think best!

Respect – It is great to work in a company where people treat one another like family and everyone believes that what we do is important in helping people through an emergency, promptly responding to their emergency, assuring them we are there to help. 

Casual Environment – our business is restoration/construction, so we have a casual environment.

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​Equipment/tools – our teams go to customer sites in company vans that are stocked with the equipment/tools you will need to the job.

Growth/development – you want to learn and grow? Do a good job, show us initiative and we will provide you with on the job training as well as certification training.

Training – we will provide you with and train you on how to use part/full face respirator, PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) bag, Asbestos training, and Bloodborne Pathogen training.

Internships – we work with local schools to help interns grow and develop; with the goal they will become a fulltime member of our team.

Diversity – we want a team that understands and reflects a broad range of expertise, background, gender, sexual orientation, and culture.  It is only with this diversity of thought that we can succeed.

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